Attend Thursday’s Irving City Council meeting to oppose Anti Muslim Bill

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter (CAIR-DFW) is calling on the Irving Muslim community to attend an important Irving City Council meeting taking place Thursday evening at Irving City Hall where the council will consider passing a resolution in support of an anti-Muslim, anti-foreign law House Bill 562 that has been introduced in the Texas House of Representatives.

Action #1 Requested: Attend Thursday’s Irving City Council meeting to oppose the council’s vote on the adoption of a resolution supporting an anti-Muslim, foreign law bill in the Texas House of Representatives.

Date: March 19, 2015
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: City Council Chambers
Address: 825 W. Irving Boulevard, Irving, TX 75060
Link to Agenda: Click Here

Last week Irving  City Mayor Beth Van Duyne and Council Members Brad LaMorgese and Oscar Ward added an item to Thursday’s agenda requesting the council's support of the anti-Muslim, anti-foreign law bill.

For the past five years CAIR has witnessed a trend of state level support for legislation known as “anti-foreign law” or “American Laws for American Courts.” Previously, supporters of anti-foreign laws sought to make following the religious principles of Islam illegal. Only after Oklahoma’s 2010 anti-Sharia constitutional amendment was ultimately struck down in federal court for violating the U.S. Constitution did anti-Muslim activists started to support the introduction of anti-foreign law bills.

Supporters of HB 562 and corresponding measures HB 899 and HB 670  fail to acknowledge that American courts are already required to adhere to American law. Anti-foreign law legislation infringes on the constitutionally protected right to choose Islamic marriage contracts, implement Islamic wills or to be buried according to one's religious beliefs.

These laws could negatively impact the validation of international adoptions and foreign marriages. Moreover, these laws may bar any state court from considering of Catholic Canon law and Jewish Halacha law, which are also considered by many courts to be a type of foreign law.

 “The Irving Muslim community needs to show up in large numbers and make it clear to the city council that the we should be rejecting Islamophobia not endorsing it. City leaders should be standing stand up to defend our First Amendment right to freedom of religion and expression,” said CAIR-DFW Executive Director Alia Salem.

“Muslims should make it clear that H.B. 562 and other anti-foreign laws can negatively impact family  arbitration services utilized by the Muslim community do not violate local, state or federal laws, and are in fact in compliance with them,” added Salem. “If we don't, we risk increased Islamophobia and further scrutiny in practicing our religion in the state of Texas and the United States.”

Irving community members are also asked to call and email Irving City Council members with the following message:
 "I am a resident of the city of Irving and I am calling/emailing to express my concern and disappointment that the city of Irving is considering such a discriminatory resolution by endorsing Texas House Bill 562. This bill, similar to many bills across the country, seek to marginalize Muslims and strip them of their rights to practice their religion freely. Furthermore our country has a vibrant history and tradition, like those within the Jewish and Catholic communities, that has allowed religious communities to utilize voluntary arbitration and family services to practice their faiths without conflicting with our local and federal laws. The Muslim community is no different. Irving residents are a collection of diverse and beautiful people from all walks of life and we must not allow these discriminatory practices to fracture our unity."

Irving City Council Members**
John C. Danish 469-507-9207 -
Allen Meagher 972-313-0808 -
Dennis Webb 214-490-9749 -
Joe Putnam 972-259-2626 -
Oscar Ward 469-704 8479 -
Brad M. Lamorgese 2 14-460-1990 -
Gerald Farris 972-523-0784 -

Thomas Spinks 972-554-1300 -

**Above is the contact information for the Irving City Council members. Phone calls will have the most impact but also, for your convenience we have created an automatic email campaign tool to simplify this process for you. Click here to use the auto email messaging tool.

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