FBI Nationwide Meetings with Muslims Updates - CAIR on Call

(Dallas, TX) 11/8/2016 - Since our CAIR-DFW PSA was released on Saturday it has been viewed over 70,000 times and has generated a huge increase in awareness of rights. Our office in Dallas received 200 phone calls in Dallas alone and many more in chapters across the country. 109 people from a variety of states formally reported being contacted for an interview by the FBI.

People were pretty shaken up, in tears in some cases and utterly offended they'd be profiled like this.

The bad news:

The questions asked made assumptions that these regular law-abiding citizens knew or might know people that support Al Qaida or espouse anti-American views. They also used intimidation and pressure tactics when people asserted their rights to an attorney.

The good news:

People were so happy to have somewhere to call and to know what their rights were after our video. The level of our collective awareness of our rights got a big boost. Also the calls are winding down.

My message is this, the calls may be winding down but CAIR is NOT and we are ready to support you if necessary.



We are here to help and you are not alone! Get out there and vote for America so we can get our communities and countries on the right track!

Phone: 469-554-0786

Email: info@cair-dfw.org

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