CAIR-TX, DFW Chapter, the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is currently offering new internship opportunities. CAIR is the nation's largest Muslim civil rights organization. The organization's mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding. Internships at CAIR-TX, DFW Chapter offer students and activists a great opportunity to learn, interact, and grow in a friendly and diverse environment.

Internship Opportunities at CAIR-TX, DFW Chapter
All internships are unpaid, last one semester, and include a 15-hour/week commitment. Applicants should email a resume and cover letter along with the completed application to

Clearly indicate which position you are applying for in your cover letter. If you are applying for more than one position, please list in order of preference. Typically, each intern is trained in two departments and given projects from both to provide a well-rounded experience.

Click here to download the application (PDF).

Deadlines & Internship Dates: 

  • Spring applications are due by the first Monday in January. Internships start the week prior to term start and end 1 week after finals are complete. 
  • Summer applications* are due by the last Friday in April. Internships start the 3rd Monday in May and end the last Friday in August. 
  • Fall applications are due by the 2 Friday in August. Internships start the 1st Monday in September and end 1 week after finals are complete.


*Applicants who want to do either Summer I or II should submit an inquiry with application.

**Students interested in receiving class credit, should indicate so in their cover letters. Credit will be arranged during the first week of the academic semester.


Our Civil Rights Department handles cases that range from prejudiced gestures to full blown discrimination. Our clients are Muslims as well as non-Muslims who have had Islam imputed upon them.

The projects below are just a sampling of what interns may work on: 

  1. Citizenship Delay project - seeks to address the lengthy delays Muslims are facing in applying for citizenship
  2. Police Misconduct project - addresses incidents where police officers have discriminated or used excessive force against Muslims.
  3. Prison project - secures the rights of Muslim inmates to practice their religion freely, and ensures that inmates are treated humanely.
  4. Airport Profiling project - helps Muslims who have been discriminated against at airports.
  5. Employment Discrimination project - helps Muslims discriminated against based on religion at the workplace.

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following (other duties may be assigned):

  • Assist in documenting incidents of religious discrimination by counseling and interviewing complainants regarding their incidents
  • Research laws and policies on employment, student conduct, and immigration procedures, as well as criminal offenses and other areas as seen fit.
  • Assist in reviewing and organizing past cases and updating internal databases. 


One of the most critical elements of operating a non-profit is to have accurate, comprehensive and well-organized financials and accounting processes in place. We are looking for an intern who would like to gain experience in the area of accounting and bookeeping for real-world experience in a non-profit.

Areas that will be focused on for intern development and office support will be:

  • Data entry
  • Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Categorization
  • Reconciliation

Candidates for this position must either be currently enrolled as junior/senior/graduate level college accounting or business majors or must have some relevant work experience to be a candidate as a volunteer position.

The Outreach Department seeks to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with local and national institutions. It also works to foster an understanding between DFW's Muslim and non-Muslim communities via educational collaborations.

The projects below are just a sampling of what interns may work on:

Event Coordination - Working to plan and execute events related to the work of CAIR-DFW.

Interfaith engagement - intern will work closely with the Director on this new initiative which seeks to build bridges of dialogue and understanding between the Muslim community and other DFW religious communities and social clubs.

Public Education - intern will work closely with the civil rights department to organize various events throughout the state which assist in educating Muslims in areas relevant to CAIR-TX, DFW Chapter's scope of operations (i.e. legal, civil, and governmental seminars). 

Our Governmental Relations Department seeks to organize, mobilize, and empower DFW's Muslim community with long-term civic participation. Its educational initiatives help community members understand the political system and utilize it to work for their issues. Projects include voter registration drives, community workshops, "know your rights" educational campaigns, and training sessions at mosques and community centers on how to contact and engage local and national politicians. The department also systematically works to educate local political representatives about their Muslim constituents while ultimately engaging these representatives with the Muslim community's unique issues and concerns.

Interns will work closely with the Director of CAIR-TX, DFW Chapter and the Governmental Affairs Director of CAIR-National with projects and/or daily tasks within the scope of CAIR-TX, DFW Chapter's organizational needs.

The projects below are just a sampling of what interns may work on:

  • Voter Registration and Mobilization - the concentration of this project is to register Muslims as voters through strategic planning and developing a comprehensive strategy to recruit volunteers for political campaigns. 
  • Voter Education - intern will work with the local office as well as CAIR-National to develop creative educational material for the Muslim community and manage email and letter writing campaigns. 
  • Policy Research - intern will work with the local office as well as CAIR-National to develop CAIR-TX, DFW Chapter's position on all relevant legislation and policies.