Justice for the Ahmed Al Jumaili Family


Last year, on March 4th, newlywed Ahmed Al Jumaili, who had been in the United States only 3 weeks, was watching his first snowfall when he was struck by a bullet from an AK47 that pierced his heart when a teenager opened fire in a North Dallas apartment complex. Despite his wife Zahraa's efforts to stop the bleeding as she desperately put her hands on his chest to compress the wound, young Ahmed died that cold

Our organization worked with the Dallas Police Department to help bring international media attention to this story and coordinate a $12,000 reward that helped put pressure on the community and bring the perpetrator to justice within just 1 week's timeMarch night. 

What you may not be aware of, and the reason for this email update, is that 3 weeks ago, on May 19th, the trial for that perpetrator began in the 265th Courtroom of the Frank Crowley Court Building in Dallas, Texas. After being presented with the evidence collected and hearing from the witnesses, including Zahraa's dramatic recount of the events of that night and the 911 call that she placed that night, Nykerion Nealon was convicted of murder and sentenced to 38 years in prison for killing Ahmed Al Jumaili.  


While this conviction will never bring back Ahmed, the family found solace in knowing that this violent criminal was removed from the streets to take responsibility for his crime.

See the CBS footage after the trial >>>>>>>>>>

CAIR-DFW was there for the majority of the trial, continuing our role as the family's liaison and their spokesperson. 

Thank you again for the love and support you shared with Zahraa and her family. She is doing well and her spirits have improved greatly. She is working at a daycare which brings her a lot of joy and is excited to return to school soon to complete her studies. If you would like to share any messages of love, prayer or support please don't hesitate to reply to this email and I will make sure she receives them.