Youth Leadership Program


CAIR chapters across the country have a proud tradition of hosting the annual Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium to provide an amazing development opportunity for Muslim high school seniors and college students. In order to give our future leaders the tools they need to do this work, CAIR-DFW strives to fill the void when it comes to educating youth on civic leadership, political competency, media savvy and most importantly social justice.

The annual symposium brings local and national experts on the aforementioned areas of focus to engage and educate the participants in a hands-on learning environment. Through discussion, group projects and analysis, participants will:

  • Be empowered to engage in the broader American community while working towards eradicating Islamophobia through civic engagement.
  • Network with their peers across North Texas and the Panhandle as well as community leaders to build stronger working relationships as leaders.
  • Understand the dynamics of the Muslim community and its most pressing needs and develop a sens of their Muslim identity and how that fits in.
  • Learn about the legislative process both locally and nationally and the critical importance of making your voice heard!
  • Gain the understanding and need for the correlation between social justice and the faith of Islam.


For over a decade now, thousands of youth, many who are now adults, have participated in the MYLS program and are already capitalizing on the skills they learned. Whether in their professional careers or as a contributing member of society these timeless yet dynamic skills have formed a solid foundation for engaging in social and public life.