CAIR-DFW Newsletter 25

ISSUE 25 - June 8, 2016



Defending Your Civil Rights!




Justice for Ahmed Al Jumaili and Family!


2 weeks ago, on May 19th, the trial for that perpetrator began in the 265th Courtroom of the Frank Crowley Court Building in Dallas, Texas. After being presented with the evidence collected and hearing from the witnesses, including Zahraa's dramatic recount of the events of that night and the 911 call that she placed that night, Nykerion Nealon was convicted of murder and sentenced to 38 years in prison for killing Ahmed Al Jumaili. READ MORE...



Watch CAIR's Ramadan "Know Your Rights as an Employee"....

CAIR Endorses Interfaith Banner Project to Counter......

CAIR Launches 2016 'Muslims Vote Campaign with.....


Ramadan Mubarak!



CAIR-DFW wishes you and your family a blessed Ramadan! As we embark on this holiest of months we ask that you remember the CAIR family in your prayers and all those we seek to support through our work. During this special time we also appeal to you to designate a portion of your zakat and/or sadaqa to benefit the work we do. Without your generous donations we would not be able to grow and improve on the work we do to serve our community.

CAIR-DFW is the largest grassroots organization defending the rights of Muslims in America. We are here to serve you and to help us to do the best job we can your support is critical. Click the button below to see our 2016 Ramadan Brochure online and our accomplishments and make a donation today!

Watch CAIR’s Ramadan 'Know Your Rights as an Employee' Webinar


New Improved CAIR-DFW Website! 



One of the most important services an organization can provide the population it serves, is an easy to use website to access important information, stay up to date, engage with the organization and support their work. CAIR-DFW is proud to announce that, Alhamdulilah, we have launched our new state of the art website! This would not have been possible without your support and prayers.  We hope you find it to be a user-friendly tool to meet your needs.

Please visit our new site at: 

One Calendar to Rule Them All!



Are you tired of not know what events are happening in the Muslim community of North Texas? Are you fed-up with finding out about amazing events after they are over.? Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was one calendar for all the organizations to use to post their events? The wait is over! CAIR-DFW is excited to announce the long awaited "North Texas Muslim Community Calendar". This is a one-stop site for all the North Texas events in the Muslim community. The "NTMCC" will provide you with all the details in a organized fashion.

Please visit the calendar at: 



Also check out our promo video here to learn more:


Come Work at CAIR-DFW! 



CAIR-TX, DFW Chapter, the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is currently offering career opportunities. CAIR is the nation's largest Muslim civil rights organization. The organization's mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding. Career opportunities at CAIR-TX, DFW Chapter offer professionals a great opportunity to be on the front-lines of grassroots non-profit work in the critical field of civil rights and social justice.

For more information and to apply please visit :


CAIR Releases a "Cure" for Islamophobia!


Click image above to watch short commercial or click the link below to visit the website!

CAIR, the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, is calling on American Muslims and other people of conscience to help counter rising anti-Muslim sentiment by volunteering one day of their time to participate in CAIR’s ISLAMOPHOBIN® anti-Islamophobia campaign. Visit for more information on ISLAMOPHOBIN® and buy yours on Amazon today! 


Quick Updates on CAIR-DFW's Work 


  • We have 21 critical active cases that we are actively pursuing
  • We have closed or referred 10 cases this past 2 weeks
  • Delivered address to IAFW community for their annual banquet on Civic Engagement & community responsibility on 5/21/16
  • Delivered "Teen Talks" Presentation on Civic Engagement for Valley Ranch IC Youth on 5/26/16
  • Closed a new UPS case for religious accommodation in 1 day and was told by UPS manager that because of a previous accommodation request last year that CAIR-DFW successfully resolved they now have a new process in place to honor employee’s requests in an efficient and timely manner.
  • We are launching an investigation of a violent verbal assault on an elderly Muslim woman in Richardson that resulted in her hospitalization with severe tachycardia. We will most likely issue a press statement due to the severity and public implications.  
  • CAIR-DFW puts Muslims on the news on a weekly basis.
  • CAIR-DFW will travel to Austin June 3rd-5th to help launch programs for new CAIR Austin chapter and the new Austin Muslim community! 





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